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Empower Your Presence: Seamless Digital Registration for Your Event

Whether you are planning an important corporate event for 50 or a trade show for 7,500+ attendees we have a custom solution to make your job easier and hassle free.

While technology is growing at a fast rate, the traditional way whereby attendees fill out a paper form when they arrive at an event can be time consuming as attendees may need to wait in line to register, and the information they provide my need to be entered into a database manually which can result in error.

Our innovative system allows for attendees to register online and onsite digitally by filling forms using their phones, computer or our devices (Registration booths). This is more efficient and saves time as attendees can register from anywhere and data provided is stored automatically in a database.

Some features of our system include:

Digital Registration Online

This feature can be used to register attendees with an online form to collect data in advance for an event also for virtual events.


Digital Registration On-site (In-person)

We provide registration at the venue with registration booths/stands for in-person events


Instant Name print- out with Designed badges

Instant badge and name print out as soon as attendee hits submit button on the registration form.


Payment processor for paid events

We have an integrated payment gateway to process securely paid events all on one page


Welcome message and program outline via SMS

All attendees receive customized information approved by the event organizer via SMS either a welcome message, important conference info, and program outline all through SMS.


Footfall info

Our system can provide in real-time the exact number of attendees who have arrived at the venue at any given time and also search details of registered attendees at the click of a button on demand (Only available to the event organizer).


Contactless onsite registration (QR Code)

Your attendees can register using their phones without having to come in contact with our system through the use of a QR code which is scanned by an attendee.


Breakout Session Tracking

Our system is able to track attendees with regards to their interest during small group sessions during workshops or seminars.

Use Us?

We treat your data with utmost care and will not share your data with a third party


Our system is secure, fast, innovative and reliable


The solution with 24/7 Support before, during and after your event by our team


Our prices are flexible and negotiable


Strict procedures for data management


Experienced Professionals

The complete solution for all your events.

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Our Gallery


Off-the-shelf Product

Visitor Entry Log book

This is a digital Visitor Entry log book. This is designed to keep track of visitors who enter a corporate institution and to track the staff they visit. This system seamlessly verifies visitors and connects them with their host by way of notification when they submit their entry.


Feedback system

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